When graphic designer meets a PhD student, a friend and a music lover.

This is going to be a longer story than usually, but no worries, not too long, as there are no words to describe this properly anyways!

I met Roberta at Groninger Forum in the Dutch course classroom, few beers later we became friends :D We had so much fun and I could relate so well to all PhD student problems, uncertainties and stress. But what drives me (and I am sure other people too) to Roberta is her warm, honest and pure personality. With a twist of hot Italian blood :D

When Roberta contacted me about her book I was thrilled, but when she said she wants to include information on her favorite albums/artists and concerts she attended I went straight to euphoria!

It is always difficult to make a design for someone you know and I really wanted to create something special. I took my time and created Roberta a playlist based on the info she gave me:
As I listened the pressure was rising, I wanted to create something even more special, something as beautiful as this music. So before you see the result below I just want to add:

Roberta, thank you (again and again) for your trust and giving me a complete freedom on this. I am truly happy and honoured I could help you to close this chapter. Good luck in the next steps of your career my dear! <3

Ok, it was a bit longer than I planned, so if you read this far and you're not Roberta thank you as well!
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