Thesis printing explained in 3 steps.
1. Start
So what do we need to start?
The form below contains all the questions I need answered in order to start and also to calculate the price. You can submit it or just use for the reference.
Thank you! You will hear from me soon.
To be able to start working I need the files with your thesis - .doc (with field codes removed) and .pdf
Preferably and for optimal printing results figures should be provided as separate original files: .jpg, .tiff, .svg, .pdf, .ai, .psd. 
2. Design
If you want me to design a cover and layout for you this is how it works: normally I prepare 2-3 versions of both cover and layout and send them to you. The layout you will see as your thesis sample, which is basically one chapter. Depending on your preferences I will adjust the layout to your liking, only then we move on and prepare the entire book.

3. Print
We start with proof print, which is a single copy of your book, it takes 1-2 working days to make it + 3-4 working days to ship it. After receiving it you have some time (depending on the deadline) to go through it and make last corrections before printing the whole edition.
Once we are done with corrections we print the whole edition - it takes 3-4 working days to make all the books and another 3-4 working days to ship it to the Netherlands.


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